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exit303 Signs Distribution Deal

06-27-2000  |   12:00 PM

exit303 has inked a deal with Spirit River Distribution that will place “trip to temple” in record stores across Alberta and Saskatchewan

exit303 has reached a major landmark with their album “trip to temple” by signing a distribution deal with Spirit River Distribution. “[existing] to support independent music in Canada, by providing artists with a means of supporting themselves”, Spirit River Distribution offers exit303 a unique service that will target sales as the band’s market expands.

Spirit River owner Melanie Cheek says “Spirit River Distribution is pleased to be working with exit303. They have a great sound and a hard working team – that’s what it takes to get noticed and we’re here to help make that happen.

”“trip to temple” has been well received by a number of industry insiders and is starting to generate a buzz in the public market. exit303 is pleased to be working with Spirit River Distribution to increase the visibility of the album.

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