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exit303 Track Added To 96X

09-19-2003  |   12:00 PM

exit303’s first single from their forthcoming album ‘into the circle’ added to playlist at 96X

On September 10th, after a record-breaking 89.6% ‘Keep-It’ vote on it’s X-Rated program, Edmonton’s 96X FM added exit303’s first single, ‘All I Wanted’ to full rotation. Since it’s listing, the single has seen roughly 60 spins and has been listed in the ‘Top 9 at 6’ three times seeing a top chart placement at #7.

exit303 is pleased that the momentum of the single is building towards the retail release of the album on Oct 28. A CD Release Party will be held at Reds in Edmonton on Oct 24th with an all-ages party following on Oct 26th.

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