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All I Wanted Hits #1

10-16-2003  |   12:00 PM

exit303’s first single has reached the top spot on 96X’s Hot 9 at 6 chart

After working it’s way up 96X’s Hot 9 at 6 for the last few weeks, exit303’s first single ‘All I Wanted’ hit the #1 position on Wednesday October 15th and maintained that position on October 16th. With roughly a week to go until the official CD Release Party, the band is thrilled to see this kind of support gathering behind the single.

All I Wanted is currently seeing roughly 50 spins a week on 96X and last week was added to the YR Radio group of stations including CJYR (Edson), CIYR (Hinton), CKYR (Jasper, Grande Cache, Whitecourt) and CJCM (Cold Lake). The band is hoping to get more stations on board once the album is released and is looking forward to aggressively supporting the album after it’s release.

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