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into the circle Released At Fantastic Events

10-27-2003  |   12:00 PM

exit303 played for a combined audience of over 2,000 people at the ‘into the circle’ cd release parties

exit303 released ‘into the circle’ at two very exciting release parties on Oct 24 and Oct 26. With Edmonton’s 96X heavily supporting the first single off the album and also presenting the show, the attendance was exceptional. According to Mike Dilts, Entertainment Promoter at Reds, the combined attendance of the two events was well over 2,000 people.

With great opening performances by Connors Road on the Oct 24 adult show and by Difinity and Crowded Elevator on the Oct 26 all-ages show, a special video production by the band, and in-performance video imagery provided by Gary Joynes of Clinker fame, these events showed that even Indie bands can attain the production level of the major artists. With the CD officially introduced, exit303 looks forward to continuing the promotion of the album with an aggressive publicity campaign and targeting new markets with live performances.

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