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Hmm… which one??

07-01-2004  |   23:29 PM

For those of you not on the mailing list (why aren’t you??) here’s a mirror of very important information sent out today…

We’re about to release the 3rd single from ‘into the circle’ and we want you to get involved. We have narrowed the selection down to two songs… Perfect Picture and Think Out Loud. We’ve got great new masters ready for radio and you can hear them in their entirety by following these simple directions…

First go to surfussound at this address…

Click on e
Click on exit303
Click on Songs
Click on the little green speaker thingy beside each song (one at a time)

There you go… that wasn’t too hard was it?

Give ’em a listen and e-mail us at and let us know which song you think should be The One… or The Three I suppose. And for those who think it should be Surf The Sun, try to stick with the program. We’ll tabulate the results and get ‘er out. It’s that simple. You have until Sunday July 11 to get your selection in. Yeah it’s a short campaign… we’re Canadian! Now do your duty and vote!

Stay cool. Stay safe and we’ll see you soon.

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