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Hairdo’s, news and haikus

12-14-2004  |   09:46 AM

Hey all,

We survived the big-haired gig at Panorama. In spite our favorite roving photgrapher being sick (GET WELL SOON KEITH!!) we should be receiving some pics soon. Look for it under ‘Acid Wash’ in the photos section.

There’s good news and bad news. Bad news: New Years at the Atha-B is sold out! Good News: We play 2 nights (Dec 31 and Jan 1) and Marmot is boasting the best snow they’ve had in a century! If you can’t get to the first show catch the second one!

Lastly: check out the new Christmas Haikus in the ‘Boards’ section of this website. Feel free to send your own in too!


the bald one
(except for last Saturday when I had the BIGGEST hair!)

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