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into the circle Gets Worldwide Distribution

08-08-2005  |   12:00 PM

Into The Circle now available online and worldwide at Apple’s iTunes Music Store

exit303 is excited to have their second album, Into The Circle, available for digital download in 20 countries on Apple’s iTunes Music Store. Digital downloads represents the future of music distribution and is especially advantageous for Indie artists as it provides worldwide distribution without the aid of a major label. exit303 is very pleased to be able to provide their music on this exciting emergent technology. The band also expects to see their sold out debut album, Trip To Temple, available very soon.

Into The Circle is available for $9.99 or individual songs for $0.99 each*. iTunes software is available for Mac or Windows at Apple’s iTunes site. If you are searching for exit303 on iTunes, you will need to enter exit 303 in the search field (note the space).

* represents US/Canada pricing. Other international pricing is 9.99/0.99 Euros, 7.99/0.79 Pounds, and 1500/150 Yen where applicable.

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