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Laughed our asses off at the Atha-B

01-17-2006  |   08:26 AM

Hi All,

Jasper in January at the Atha-B was a blast! The band has recently issued an internal memo regarding what is allowed on the bus upon departure from Edmonton because of this. It’s all good though… Anyhoo, prior to our performance we were treated to the comedic styles of Paul Myrehaug and Andrew Grose. Both are resident Edmontonians and extremely funny people! Mr. Grose has toured all over Canada (you’ve probably seen him on the comedy channel) and is in the midst of putting the final touches on his “Laughing for Cancer” fundraiser and silent auction this Feb 19th at Yuk Yuk’s. In conjunction with Andrew we donated our cd sales from the Atha-B shows to the aforementioned fundraiser. Have a look at Mr. Grose’s website and BLOG at and for more info. The auction items are pretty cool – especially if you are a sports memorabilia collector.

See y’all at the Beer Hunter!!

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