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002-14-2016  |   22:26 PM

An unthinkable loss…

It is with very sad hearts that we must say goodbye to our longtime friend and bandmate, Todd Chisholm, who was one of five people killed in the massive avalanche near McBride, BC Jan 29, 2016. Todd was a powerhouse on stage and off and it is difficult to comprehend life without him. Our thoughts are with his family in this terribly difficult time.

009-08-2015  |   21:42 PM

exit303 in Banff Cancelled

Due to unforeseen events, we’re sorry to say we’ve had to cancel our appearance for the Melissa’s Road Race weekend at The Rose & Crown in Banff Sep 2015. We are already scheduled for next year so hopefully we’ll catch you then.

003-18-2011  |   11:59 AM

exit303 returns to Edmonton

It’s been 10 months since exit303 played in Edmonton and now the new 4-piece is returning to slam the stage. Come see the new show Mar 25 & 26 at On The Rocks.

You can be a judge. Our Stage is running the competition and all you have to do is go here, listen, and rate. Help us reach the top!

Wheeee… Happy Birthday!

Welcome to the new exit303 site! We hope you enjoy it. You’ll notice there are many new ways you can stay connected with us. You’ll never be out of the loop if you follow us on Facebook and twitter… so do it. Don’t delay… you might miss something.

This is also your chance to make yourself known. Get involved. Comment on stories. We want to hear from you! It’s easy… just click on the little balloon to the right of each story.

So there you have it. Take a look around. Tell us what you like and what you don’t. There is much more to come.

1505-28-2009  |   12:26 PM

Find us on Facebook!!

Hey All,

Seems it’s been a while I’ve blogged anything but I finally remembered my password!! Anyhoo, yes we are on Facebook. Please join our little group called:
“exit303 – Better than Moby…singer dude just looks like him”

here’s a link that might work:


1109-14-2006  |   08:38 AM

Is music for your ears or for your head?

Read something interesting today in which a songwriter stated: “I would rather hear a crappy song about a good idea than listen to a good band play good music about nothing.” I’m paraphrasing by the way. It made me think about the music I listen to vs. the songs I write. I would like to hear what you might think about such a statement and what you look for to satisfy your musical appetites. Please respond in the ‘Boards’ section in my forum.


2805-25-2006  |   08:38 AM

It’s a small world in a big way!!

There’s a couple of new photos in “The Vault” (scroll way down in photo section) and I’d like to give some background info on one of them:

I was born in Regina and went to school there for Kindergarten and Grade 1. Then my family moved to Alberta and I never looked back. (Don’t worry, I cheer for all things Albertan although there is ‘Rider Pride’ lurking beneath my ‘Green and Gold Pride’).

Recently at the Rose n Crown show in Banff I got to chatting with these gals we met whom hailed from Calgary but grew up in Regina. After the usual pleasantries, and some Jagger-bombs, we got to talking about Regina. After some questioning between one gal and I we discovered that we not only lived in the same neighborhood of Regina but were in the same Kindergarten and Gr. 1 class!! That is some kind of fated coincidence!! Wow! Great to see you again Michelle! 🙂

St. Francis Elementary School Rocks!!


2105-23-2006  |   13:14 PM

In Dean’s and my defense…

I thought it might be worth explaining Dean’s and my ‘unique’ apparel as shown in the Rocky Mountain House pic’s from Apr. 2006. Let’s just say we lost a bet… big time!! Kudos to us for having the balls to fill the attire we were wearing… so-to-speak!


Jay – exit303 not a nice rack…

004-15-2006  |   12:34 PM


Strike that… the Journal write-up has been delayed until next Saturday (Apr 22).


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