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Into The Circle now available online and worldwide at Apple’s iTunes Music Store

exit303 is excited to have their second album, Into The Circle, available for digital download in 20 countries on Apple’s iTunes Music Store. Digital downloads represents the future of music distribution and is especially advantageous for Indie artists as it provides worldwide distribution without the aid of a major label. exit303 is very pleased to be able to provide their music on this exciting emergent technology. The band also expects to see their sold out debut album, Trip To Temple, available very soon.

Into The Circle is available for $9.99 or individual songs for $0.99 each*. iTunes software is available for Mac or Windows at Apple’s iTunes site. If you are searching for exit303 on iTunes, you will need to enter exit 303 in the search field (note the space).

* represents US/Canada pricing. Other international pricing is 9.99/0.99 Euros, 7.99/0.79 Pounds, and 1500/150 Yen where applicable.

007-11-2005  |   14:30 PM

Vote Wednesday at Rocksearch!

Mike says: Come out and support us on Wednesday July 13 at Red’s or I’ll kick Jay in the balls.

Cam says: Be sure and vote for us so we can make it to the finals or I’ll kick Jay in the balls.

Todd says: Support indie music and thwart me kicking Jay in the balls.

Dean says: It doesn’t matter because I’m going to kick Jay in the balls anyway. Still, come out and vote AND see Jay get kicked in the balls.

Jay says: Leave my balls out of this!! Although, I guess it takes someone with balls to enter these Roack Search things…

Yes, thanks to your votes we have been selected. Selected like you would a tomato from the fresh produce section. We are about to be proverbially squeezed and checked for rock and roll firmness to see if we are the best tomato for the industry spaghetti sauce!! You are the noodles…no wait… the Sound Radio are noodles?? Okay I’ve lost it as far as my tomato and spaghetti sauce analogy goes… suffice it to say we will be competing in the Rocksearch event! Stay tuned for more details – when I know ’em – you’ll know ’em!

Cheers spaghetti’s or something like that!!

exit303 – baldy tomato

105-13-2005  |   12:00 PM

exit303 Celebrates Five Years

exit303 celebrates five years together with a special show at Urban Lounge

exit303 celebrated five years of sight and sound with an exciting show at Urban Lounge last night. The event included the bands first ever “unplugged” set featuring songs from both albums and then moved on to a special video presentation giving an inside look to life in exit303. The band closed with an energetic electric set, a blown-up amp, and lots of giveaways. Good buddies Connors Road finished the night with a special rendition of exit303’s All I Wanted and their own special flavour of rock’n’roll. A good time was had by all.

New Edmonton Station sonic 102.9 giving You’re A Star heavy rotation

New Edmonton modern rock station sonic 102.9 has been featuring exit303 single You’re A Star extensively since launching their testing phase. exit303 is very happy to be included in the launch of an exciting station which is bringing a fresh sound and promises of great Indie support to Edmonton rock radio.

004-26-2005  |   12:58 PM

Birthday party fast approaches!!

Hi everyone!

The exit303 5th Birthday bash is just around the corner on May 12th at the Urban Lounge. Email to let us know that you will be there. This will be a one of a kind show with tons of stuff we’re giving away (CD’s, shirts, nail clippings and some Canadian Tire cash!!)


003-09-2005  |   12:00 PM

exit303 Gets Tune Placed On TV Program

Travel Channel licenses Falling Down for Road Trip episode

exit303 is excited to have their first placement in television. The Travel Channel licensed Falling Down from the album Trip To Temple for use in an episode of Road Trip. The episode title is Twin Cities to the Windy City and aired in late 2004. The licensing was facilitated by exit303’s agreements with Pump Audio LLC.

002-15-2005  |   06:58 AM

we’re still alive!!

It seems this thing hasn’t been updated in a while. People thought we were dead or broken up and buying our albums at a furious rate. Well, here’s the poop on whassup:

We took all of January off. Why? Two words – Traffic Court! and Cam went to San Fran. to find himself. He found him. We found him shortly after that.

We shall be in Calgary this weekend at Trappers!

We’re getting more Baby-T shirts made!

The band’s ‘Wooden’ Anniversary (5th) will be in May at the Urban Lounge!

I’m not wearing pants!!

Jay – the pantless bald one.

012-21-2004  |   13:33 PM

seasons greetings!!

Hey everyone,

I hope y’all have a great Christmas and a kick ass New Year.

See you in Jasper (Marmot just got more snow!!)

the bald one

012-14-2004  |   09:46 AM

Hairdo’s, news and haikus

Hey all,

We survived the big-haired gig at Panorama. In spite our favorite roving photgrapher being sick (GET WELL SOON KEITH!!) we should be receiving some pics soon. Look for it under ‘Acid Wash’ in the photos section.

There’s good news and bad news. Bad news: New Years at the Atha-B is sold out! Good News: We play 2 nights (Dec 31 and Jan 1) and Marmot is boasting the best snow they’ve had in a century! If you can’t get to the first show catch the second one!

Lastly: check out the new Christmas Haikus in the ‘Boards’ section of this website. Feel free to send your own in too!


the bald one
(except for last Saturday when I had the BIGGEST hair!)

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