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004-15-2006  |   12:34 PM


Strike that… the Journal write-up has been delayed until next Saturday (Apr 22).


2304-13-2006  |   09:54 AM

Edmonton Journal write-up

There will be a write-up in the Edmonton Journal this Saturday (Apr 15) discussing our latest licensing efforts and maybe a little bit more… check it out.


104-11-2006  |   13:12 PM

Roving photographer

Hey all,

Our “roving photographer” Keith is currently roving all over western Canada as he takes in every fricken’ Motley Crue concert from Saskatoon to Victoria! Crazy!? Yep, but we loves him anyhoo. Check out his emails from the road in the “Boards” section filed by Mike under “Miscellaneous”.

We wish you well Brother Keith!

exit303 – cranial smoothie

004-06-2006  |   12:00 PM

The exit303 Report

Full catalog hits iTunes and Puretracks, more licensing, and a spot at The Rainmaker Rodeo round out the latest news from the exit303 camp

exit303 is pleased to announce that “trip to temple” has recently been added to iTunes which makes the full exit303 catalog available for legal download from iTunes and Puretracks. “We are excited to embrace this developing and important technology and to be able to make available once again music from our sold out album ‘trip to temple'” states exit303 keyboardist Cameron Ambrose. “Since being added to iTunes, we have had sales for ‘into the circle’ from Canada, the US, and the UK. Being able to sell music internationally for an independent artist shows how empowering this technology is”.

The licensing of exit303’s catalog is also continuing. In the first half of 2005, exit303 songs were licensed for use in A&E’s Back to the Blueprint and Discovery Health Channel’s Strictly Sex with Dr. Drew. “Up To Here” can be heard on one of the clips posted on Dr. Drew’s website – look for the episode called “Orgasmatron”. Really… we don’t make this stuff up!

Finally, exit303 is excited to be included in the performance line-up for this year’s Rainmaker Rodeo in St. Albert, Alberta. The band is looking forward to the event and will be playing on The HUB Showcase Stage Saturday May 27 at 5pm.

003-13-2006  |   07:46 AM

Tie stealing and wiping justice

Please review the entry of the same subject name in the “Boards” section regarding the crime that took place Feb 2006 at the Urban Lounge.

We are considering organizing a benefit concert so I can buy a new tie… something even greener than the last.

Thanks to everyone for your wonderful letters and emails of support.

Hairless and tie-less

001-17-2006  |   08:26 AM

Laughed our asses off at the Atha-B

Hi All,

Jasper in January at the Atha-B was a blast! The band has recently issued an internal memo regarding what is allowed on the bus upon departure from Edmonton because of this. It’s all good though… Anyhoo, prior to our performance we were treated to the comedic styles of Paul Myrehaug and Andrew Grose. Both are resident Edmontonians and extremely funny people! Mr. Grose has toured all over Canada (you’ve probably seen him on the comedy channel) and is in the midst of putting the final touches on his “Laughing for Cancer” fundraiser and silent auction this Feb 19th at Yuk Yuk’s. In conjunction with Andrew we donated our cd sales from the Atha-B shows to the aforementioned fundraiser. Have a look at Mr. Grose’s website and BLOG at and for more info. The auction items are pretty cool – especially if you are a sports memorabilia collector.

See y’all at the Beer Hunter!!

011-16-2005  |   09:00 AM

trip to Puretracks

Finally!! I am happy to tell you that you can purchase songs from our very first CD, “trip to temple”, from the Puretracks online music store.

Check it out at

Rawk on!!

011-06-2005  |   12:00 PM

exit303 Launches Concert Series Vodcast

Biweekly Series To Show exit303 In Their Natural Environment

exit303 has launched a biweekly VODcast called The exit303 Concert Series. exit303 is taking advantage of this new media format to allow anyone anywhere in the world to experience exit303’s live performances. This coupled with exit303’s presence on the iTunes Music Store is giving the band’s existing and potential fanbase instant and unprecedented access to the best of exit303’s media catalog. Episode 1 takes the viewer to The Drake in Canmore, Alberta earlier this year for a lively performance of I Don’t Want You.

To subscribe to the VODcast using iTunes, go to the Advanced menu -> Subscribe To Podcast and type

New episodes will be automatically downloaded as they are released. This podcast is configured for the new iPod with Video and may require the latest versions of iTunes and Quicktime. Any podcast viewer capable of displaying h.264 encoded video will also suffice.

011-02-2005  |   07:50 AM

Wonderful aromatic rock ‘n roll

Hey everyone!

When viewing the photos I noticed something… most of the pics of the band, the action shots anyway, reveal an expression of “I smell something bad on stage”. Please view the pics under the assumption that someone has farted on, or nearby, the stage. It rarely happens for real but that’s what the pictures seem to imply. Isn’t that odd?? Kinda like Joey Tribiani’s “Smell the fart acting” tip.

See you at the Beer Hunter!

exit303 – “It wasn’t us!”

009-12-2005  |   12:00 PM

exit303 Gets More Tunes Licensed

MTV Licenses Songs Off Trip To Temple and Into The Circle For Television Series

MTV licensed five songs from exit303’s two albums for use in their dating program, Room Raiders. The songs (Bent, Falling Down 2, I Don’t Want You, Never Say Die (2 episodes), and These Things) were used in Season 4 and aired in early 2005. Room Raiders is a reality dating program where the contestants decide who to date based solely on the contents of their perspective mate’s bedroom.

This is the band’s second licensing for television. The first occurred earlier in 2005 with The Travel Channel’s Road Trip program. The placements were once again facilitated by exit303’s agreements with Pump Audio LLC.

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