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012-14-2004  |   09:46 AM

Hairdo’s, news and haikus

Hey all,

We survived the big-haired gig at Panorama. In spite our favorite roving photgrapher being sick (GET WELL SOON KEITH!!) we should be receiving some pics soon. Look for it under ‘Acid Wash’ in the photos section.

There’s good news and bad news. Bad news: New Years at the Atha-B is sold out! Good News: We play 2 nights (Dec 31 and Jan 1) and Marmot is boasting the best snow they’ve had in a century! If you can’t get to the first show catch the second one!

Lastly: check out the new Christmas Haikus in the ‘Boards’ section of this website. Feel free to send your own in too!


the bald one
(except for last Saturday when I had the BIGGEST hair!)

011-24-2004  |   14:28 PM

Salsa recipe

Found this on the web. Haven’t tried it so I dont know if it’ll kill anyone…

Garden Fresh Salsa

Yield: 32 Servings

  • 2 lg Tomatoes; seeded & coarsely chopped
  • 1 To 2 serrano chile peppers seeded & chopped
  • 1/3 c Chopped green onions
  • 2 tb Chopped fresh cilantro
  • 2 tb Lime juice
  • 1/4 ts Salt
  • Combine all ingredients; mix well. Cover, refrigerate until serving time.


    the bald one

    009-22-2004  |   19:15 PM

    On the road again…

    Here’s a road trip exit303 Haiku for you:

    The highway drones on.
    Five guys, flatulence awful.
    Must pee! Bladder full!

    Another poem from the road.

    Jay, Cam, Todd, Mike and Dean

    009-09-2004  |   13:25 PM

    Survived the Rockies and the Aussies!!


    Just thought I’d mention that we are back home safe and sound. Made some Aussie friends out in Banff that might be stopping by E-Town for a frothy one although they seem to like tequila and sambuca(sp) too. They have a way of bringing out the party in anyone! It’s all good…

    “Get A Dog up in ya!”
    Not sure what it means but it was our battle cry for another drink.

    Rock on!


    008-24-2004  |   14:53 PM

    ack ack ack… ackaka ack!!!

    Nicely said if I do say so myself…

    Still have Indiefest tix. STOP!

    We want you to buy them. STOP!

    email: STOP!



    008-10-2004  |   10:44 AM

    tickets for Indiefest!!

    You want ’em… we got ’em…

    12 bands, one afternoon/evening in Hawrelak Park. exit303 rocks Indiefest 2004 and the city on Saturday Aug. 28th with the first band starting at 12:30 pm.

    email: and put “I NEED TICKETS!!” in the subject line.

    We’ll make arrangements to get you your tickets. They are only $10 each. NO GST!! NO SERVICE CHARGES! NO KIDDING!! NO RUNNING WITH SCISSORS!!

    See you there!


    007-30-2004  |   21:59 PM

    thanks fer yer support!

    Just wanted to say thank you for the votes on Monday July 26th! Without you we couldn’t have gotten the 77.2% KEEP-IT result. Feel free to keep on requesting “Perfect Picture” on all the radio stations.

    “Res Firma Mitescere Nescit”
    – Once you’ve got it up, keep it up!

    ‘Nuff said,

    007-21-2004  |   13:52 PM

    New single debuts July 26th on 96X at 8pm!

    Not much more to say than what is in the subject line…

    It will be on the X-Rated show so place your votes by phone…
    or goto on July 26th to vote…



    007-01-2004  |   23:29 PM

    Hmm… which one??

    For those of you not on the mailing list (why aren’t you??) here’s a mirror of very important information sent out today…

    We’re about to release the 3rd single from ‘into the circle’ and we want you to get involved. We have narrowed the selection down to two songs… Perfect Picture and Think Out Loud. We’ve got great new masters ready for radio and you can hear them in their entirety by following these simple directions…

    First go to surfussound at this address…

    Click on e
    Click on exit303
    Click on Songs
    Click on the little green speaker thingy beside each song (one at a time)

    There you go… that wasn’t too hard was it?

    Give ’em a listen and e-mail us at and let us know which song you think should be The One… or The Three I suppose. And for those who think it should be Surf The Sun, try to stick with the program. We’ll tabulate the results and get ‘er out. It’s that simple. You have until Sunday July 11 to get your selection in. Yeah it’s a short campaign… we’re Canadian! Now do your duty and vote!

    Stay cool. Stay safe and we’ll see you soon.

    006-25-2004  |   14:34 PM

    pizza perogies… yeah right!

    What can I say? They were on sale and I thought, “What the hell – I’ll give ’em a try.” WOW!!! Those were the best damn perogies I ever clogged my arteries with! (actually, I think it may have been the sour cream and cheese increasing the arterial resistance). They even tasted like pizza (in a perogy sort of way…) You may think we rock stars are sipping champagne and eating the EXPENSIVE crackers backstage but really if we get croutons and a packet of mustard we consider it a good gig… still, I’m gonna add the pizza-perogy, or pizzarogy as the marketing geniuses put it, to the exit303 rider!

    See you at the Stampede!!


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