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006-20-2004  |   21:56 PM

Weekend @ Stripdown

Just spent the weekend at Reds checking out the Stripdown finals. Pretty killer weekend of live music and a great sampling of the best of Edmonton and area’s Indie scene. Congrats to Marble Engine for taking top honours and to Mike Dilts and crew for putting on a stellar production.

Check out for a comprehensive list of area indie bands and watch for the next great thing from the guys who put Stripdown together.

Stay cool,

exit303 performing on the Coca-Cola Stage at the Calgary Stampede and at the Molson Canadian Brewhouse for Klondike Days

exit303 is very pleased to have been chosen to perform July 15 on the Coca-Cola Stage at the Calgary Stampede as part of their Alberta Rocks showcase. exit303 was invited after impressing the Stampede Music Committee during Junos week in April. This showcase is predicted to draw roughly 8,000-10,000 people and will put exit303 on stage with three other great Alberta indie acts along with recently signed acts Social Code and Out Of Your Mouth. exit303 takes the stage at 9:30pm. More information can be found at

Roughly a week later on July 23, exit303 will be found at Klondike Days in Edmonton performing at the Molson Canadian Brewhouse. Playing two one-hour sets (6:30pm & 11pm), these shows will again expose exit303 to a large and varied audience.

exit303 has been making great strides since the release of their latest album, ‘into the circle’. The band is extremely happy to be recognized by being added to these great events.

005-22-2004  |   15:32 PM

e303 TV Programming…

I understand that a number of Windows users are having a little trouble viewing our programs. The programs have just been re-encoded with a little older codecs which should alleviate most of the problems. Try getting them again and feel free to let me know ( if you continue to have problems.

I will also look at encoding the programming in multiple formats just so no one is barred from viewing our most(ly) excellent episodes.

Thank you for your patience. That being said… Day 3 & 4 are now up. We’re currently hanging out in Victoria trying to stay dry. 6.5 hours to showtime… stay tuned.


005-19-2004  |   11:24 AM

Tour Stop #1: Kelowna

With the weather close to +30 C and the Memorial Cup tourney in town Kelowna was a nice Tuesday stop along the way. Not sure why there was barbed-wire around our hotel room window – to keep bands from getting out or getting in? Check out the ‘e303-TV’ section for more.

Next stop – Vancouver!!

(somewhere near Merritt)

005-17-2004  |   18:08 PM

exit303 hits the road!!

Hi all!

We are on our way to Kelowna but we’ll probably stop in Valemont or Jasper for the night since we had a late start today. Right now we are updating via a wireless interent device as we speed down the highway with the cruise control set at 105 kmh (unfortunatly, that’s about as fast as she goes or we might as well pour gas directly on to the highway).

Murphy’s Law happenstance #1:
Cam’s keyboard self destructed at our gig at The Urban Lounge.
and speaking of the Urban Lounge – it was another crazy and fantastic weekend! A packed house every night!

Stay tuned for more road notes…


005-11-2004  |   07:48 AM

Merch arrived!!

Some of the new merch arrived yesterday! Looks pretty slick!

Navy Blue T’s with white logo and Royal blue T’s with white logo…

Hat’s and toques and baby t’s should be ready tomorrow!

You can buy yours at our next gig in the Urban Lounge this weekend (May 13/14/15).

You just know ‘The Gap’ and ‘American Eagle’ are scared now!!


p.s. today’s underwear is grey…

Jeez, I can’t really say much more than what’s in the subject line. In case you didn’t know, the Bear can be found at 100.3 on the FM dial and that the interview will commence promptly at 11pm. It’s all part of ‘The Red White and New’ hosted by Brandon Manitoba.


005-05-2004  |   16:54 PM

Where has Tristan gone?

As is probably obvious to a number of people due to the website changes, Tristan is no longer with the band. Without getting into details, it is sufficient to say that a very difficult decision was made that was best for the band as a whole. We understand there are a number of supporters and fans of Tristan out there and can only say that this decision was not made lightly.

Tristan contributed greatly to the sound and quality of exit303 and will be missed. He has been and will continue to be an extremely talented drummer and great human being.

We wish Tristan the best of luck in his future endeavours.


005-03-2004  |   07:39 AM

King’s Knight Pub and my underwear

Hey all, Just wanted to let you know that our gig at the King’s Knight Pub this past weekend was a blast (as always)! We played a lot of new songs that we’d hadn’t played in there before – a good time was had by all.

Be sure to check back here periodically as we will be placing all of the latest bits o’ news such as when our newest box of merch will be arriving (May 12th) and the color of today’s underwear (navy blue with light blue stripes).

Rawk on!


003-17-2004  |   12:00 PM

exit303 Showcasing At Junofest

exit303 performing at Longriders on Saturday April 3 as part of JUNOFest 2004

exit303 is pleased to be chosen as one of the showcasing bands for this year’s JUNOFest. The band will be performing along with Superseed, Painting Daisies, and David Gogo at Longriders on Saturday April 3. exit303 takes the stage at 9:30pm.

Tickets for the event can be purchased at the venue for $10. A wristband pass for the whole JUNOFest weekend can be obtained at Ticketmaster for $25.

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