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exit303’s lack of press releases causes concern and panic but band re-assures
A large gap in the exit303 news engine left some industry members and fans wondering what had become of their rising stars. One fan was overheard saying “I thought they moved to Europe”. Yet another distraught fan exclaimed “I think they’ve forgotten about us!”

exit303 has decided to formally assure everyone that the band is doing well and is preparing for a massive public re-emergence. Vocalist/Guitarist Jay Holterhus added, “This is going to be a great year for us. Things are about to get very interesting.”

010-13-2000  |   12:00 PM

exit303 Set To Open For Wide Mouth Mason

Stellar performance nets exit303 an opening slot at Wide Mouth Mason concert in Lethbridge Oct 20, 2000.

A phenomenal performance and some good timing has secured exit303 an opening spot at Lethbridge Community College’s presentation of Wide Mouth Mason on Oct 20,2000.

The band received high praise from staff and management following a recent encore generating debut performance at The Edge nightclub in Lethbridge. The following Wednesday, exit303 promoter and road manager Graham Park received a call from LCC agent Sheldon Pierson. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the original act booked would be unable to fulfill their contract. The concert promoters looked for an alternate arrangement and as Graham relayed, “exit303 came highly recommended”.

This event highlights exit303’s recent successes. In the four months since the release of ‘trip to temple’, exit303 has signed a distribution deal with Spirit River Distribution, showcased at the Prairie Music Week Festival, and received accolades for the album from a great number of industry insiders.

exit303’s performance with Wide Mouth Mason will be at The Barn in Lethbridge on Oct 20. exit303 takes the stage at 8pm.

008-16-2000  |   12:00 PM

exit303 Showcasing At Prairie Music Week

exit303 has been selected to showcase at the Prairie Music Week Festival running Sep 28 – Oct 1, 2000

exit303 is very pleased to announce that they will be joining some of the best independent bands from the prairie provinces at this year’s Prairie Music Week Festival in Saskatoon.

exit303 has been actively promoting their debut album, ‘trip to temple’ and the promotions have paid off. Released on June 8th, ‘trip to temple’ was well received by industry and the general public. The album also quickly landed the band a distribution deal with Spirit River Distribution. The Prairie Music Week Festival continues the band’s assent with the hope for greater milestones in the near future.

exit303 will be showcasing at Buds on Broadway Friday Sept 29 at 10:40 pm.

006-27-2000  |   12:00 PM

exit303 Signs Distribution Deal

exit303 has inked a deal with Spirit River Distribution that will place “trip to temple” in record stores across Alberta and Saskatchewan

exit303 has reached a major landmark with their album “trip to temple” by signing a distribution deal with Spirit River Distribution. “[existing] to support independent music in Canada, by providing artists with a means of supporting themselves”, Spirit River Distribution offers exit303 a unique service that will target sales as the band’s market expands.

Spirit River owner Melanie Cheek says “Spirit River Distribution is pleased to be working with exit303. They have a great sound and a hard working team – that’s what it takes to get noticed and we’re here to help make that happen.

”“trip to temple” has been well received by a number of industry insiders and is starting to generate a buzz in the public market. exit303 is pleased to be working with Spirit River Distribution to increase the visibility of the album.

drawing an unprecedented audience, exit303 released it’s debut album “trip to temple” at Kingsknight Pub on June 8, 2000.

“trip to temple” was released June 8th at Kingsknight Pub amidst a sea of over 350 fans and some interesting surprises. Introduced by a specially produced video depicting the band, exit303 wowed the audience with an energetic performance, a specially crafted light show, and some unusual stage antics.

Sound engineer Doug Mansoff was heard saying, “I haven’t had the faders up this far in a long time!” and Bar Manager Kevin Radomski remarked, “It was a complete ass-kickin’ rock show!”

exit303 plans on aggressively promoting and marketing “trip to temple” and is hoping to secure regular rotation on a number of applicable radio stations.

005-17-2000  |   12:00 PM

exit303 Debut Album Completed

exit303 completed their debut album late April and are looking forward to a June 8th release date.

It has been eight months since the creation of exit303 and the first album is completed. Recorded at Braindead Digital, “trip to temple” features thirteen songs which cover the wide scope of exit303’s sound.

Producer and engineer Cam Ambrose says “We’ve worked very hard to produce a top quality commercial album and the response thus far has been fantastic. The band is looking forward to aggressively promoting this album.

”“trip to temple” will be officially released on June 8th during a CD release party at The Kingsknight Pub. The band is gearing up to put on an entertaining and visually exciting show.

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